Five Things New Mothers and/or Mothers of Newly Diagnosed Children Need:

1. COMMUNITY: Finding a group of people who are personally experiencing similar life circumstances. It also helps to find micro-communities within your community. How do I find a community? 

Here are some great places to start: 

Hemophila Communities

Online Hemophilia Mom Community 

Mom Communities

2. CONSISTENT SELF-CARE PRACTICE: Carving out and protecting time to take care and honor yourself. The best way to be an effective caretaker of others is to ensure your are properly taking care of yourself. Mindfully scheduling out and protecting time to exercise, groom, sleep, read, spend time with friends & hobbies will ensure it actually happens. Put it in your calendar and treat it as a meeting with yourself. When you are making doctors appointments, haircut appointments and playdates for your children, be sure to also make them for yourself. Sometimes the hardest part about self-care is keeping yourself accountable, here is a list of apps that can make that accountability easier: 21 Self-Care Apps to help you take better care of YOU

3. RESOURCES: Finding an already compiled list of resources and then modifying it to make it your own. These lists can be found in your community from members who have already put in a lot of the work trying out many different things. As you try different things on the list you can delete the ones that don’t work for you and add ones your pick up along the way. New moms, check out Kelly Mom for great resources on parenting.  

4. HELP: Help can come from within your community or from the outside. Allowing others to help gives them the opportunity to serve while lightening your load a little. Allowing help will open up more time for self-care and re-filling your own cup. Creating a list of things that would help make it easier to say yes when the opportunity presents itself. Meal Train is a great and easy way to let others help you when the particularly stressful or unexpected arises. 

5. PATIENCE: The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Sounds good, huh? How do I get me some of that? 5 Ways to Cultivate Patience