Ep. 8: January 16th, 2017 w/ NFL Super Bowl Champion Josh Gordy

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In this episode, Patrick & Natalie review recent headlines of interest, introduce a patient perspective on life with sickle cell disease, discuss Believe Limited's upcoming documentary about hemophiliac mountaineer Chris Bombardier's summiting of Mount Everest, and discuss football, finance, and five tips toward improving money management during the Sit-Down segment with special guest Josh Gordy, NFL Super Bowl champion turned financial coach. All this and more on Episode 8 of BloodStream!

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  • Mt. Everest climb by severe hemophiliac Chris Bombardier is the subject of new Believe LTD documentary. Link

Sit-Down Segment with NFL Super Bowl Champion Josh Gordy

  • Josh Gordy’s Freedom Financial Coaching Website. Link
  • Freedom Financial Coaching Facebook Page. Link
  • Dave Ramsey Financial Coaching Website. Link
  • Josh on Twitter. Link

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