Ep. 21: February 19, 2018 - w/ Michael Hargett

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This month on The BloodStream Podcast, we discuss how one executive director in China has creatively given hope, dignity and income to her patients, we take you through how to stay fit and healthy while traveling, and we introduce a brand new game here on the BSpod. Plus, Hannah Lutz shares her story of life with Type 3 Von Willebrand Disease and Michael Hargett- the hemophiliac who lost 280 pounds and became the first person with hemophilia to undergo a heart transplant- joins us as today’s interview guest to discuss his remarkable journey. All that and more on Episode 21 of The BloodStream Podcast!


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Remembering Barry Haarde: Powering Through HFA 2016

Like Segment: How to Fit in Exercise While You Travel


Share Segment: Hannah Lutz - Type Three Girl


Comment Segment: How Paper and Scissors Gave Back Dignity to Hemophilia Patients


Interview Segment: Michael Hargett’s NewHeart4Mike.com website


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