As Restrictions on Hepatitis C Drugs Lift, Issues on Covering Cost and Increasing Accessibility Remain

This essay was featured in the BloodStream Pod.

   As Medicaid, Private Insurers Begin To Lift Curbs On Pricey Hepatitis C Drugs more patients are gaining access to medications with a cure rate of over 90%. The increased access however has not been without significant legal and lobbying efforts as questions over lifting accessibility restrictions and covering the hefty price tags of these drugs are grappled with by states, government agencies, drug manufactures and commercial insurers. While an average 12-week course of treatment can currently range between $54k and $95k, this price is expected to decrease as more drug treatments come on the market and competition increases. Executive director of the National Association of Medicaid Directors conveys that the desire to make these drugs available to everyone in need is there however, "with the prices they're commanding, something has to give."