Precision BioLogic Donates Coagulation Diagnostic Products Through the WFH Humanitarian Aid Program

This essay was featured in the BloodStream Pod.

   Last week Precision BioLogic announced its donation of coagulation diagnostic products through the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) Humanitarian Aid Program. The donation delivered products to the University Teaching Hospital in Yanoudé, Cameroon to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of individuals with bleeding disorders. Executive Vice President of Precision BioLogic, Paul Empey says, “We’re excited to make this donation and directly support WFH’s efforts to close the gap in care between those with bleeding disorders who receive proper diagnosis and treatment and those who do not.” The WFH Humanitarian Aid Program seeks to ensure treatment for all patients with bleeding disorders despite current limitations in access to care in developing countries throughout the world. Learn more about the WFH Humanitarian Aid Program here.