Ep. 5: October 17th, 2016 - w/ Jeanne White-Ginder.

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In Episode 5, we take a look at recent community news during our Trending Topics Segment- including a new virtual reality game designed to help reduce kids' anxiety during infusions and a new needle that won't cause bleeding after it's removed, and we take a deeper dive into three stories during our Like, Share, Comment Segment. This month we also feature a Sit Down with the iconic HIV/AIDS and hemophilia advocate Jeanne White-Ginder. All that and more on Episode 5 of BloodStream!

Sponsors for Episode 5:

Presenting Sponsor: Stop The Bleeding! (STB!) Link to STB! Website.

Supporting Sponsor: Entertainment to Affect Change (E2AC) Link to E2AC Website.

Trending Topics:

The National Hemophilia Foundation launches a new series of educational webinars. Link

Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio is piloting a virtual reality game designed to help reduce anxiety and stress in pediatric infusions. Link

Genetic Linkage Analysis may lead to a simple way to diagnose women carrying the gene causing hemophilia A.  Link (Story) Link (Study)

A self-sealing hemostatic needle that won’t cause bleeding when removed from a vein. Link

Two tools  for patient reported outcomes address the need for personalization of outcomes Link.

Like, Share, Comment Segment:    

HFA Gears For Good Riders raise $130,000 for Helping Hands. Link

Barry Haarde completes his fifth trans-con bike ride, totaling 5,000 miles and raising over $52,000. Link

Alex Dowsett, the professional cyclist with hemophilia, launches Little Bleeders charity to encourage fitness and athletics for children with bleeding disorders. Link

Colorado’s Kyle Haas rides 500 miles through mountain passes. Link

Sleep resources curated and posted to The BloodStream Blog.

HIV now “undetectable” in British man. Link

Why talk of HIV cure is premature (from BBC). Link

Why it’s too soon to say HIV has been cured (from PopSci). Link

amf AR - statistics on young people and HIV (Link) and the US and HIV (Link)

The Sit Down:

USA Today’s Top 25 people (1982 - 2007). Link

The AIDS Memorial Grove. Link

The HIV Story Project. Link

Survivin g Voices, a collaboration between the HIV Story Project and The Grove. Link




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