Ep. 17: October 16, 2017 - w/ Dan Levy

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This month on The BloodStream Podcast, we spotlight “Factor Revolution,” BloodStream Media’s new three-part series covering the history of treatment in hemophilia; Natalie takes us through the five things all new moms need in our Like Segment; “Factor Revolution” Producers Ryan Gielen and Seth Kirschner introduce themselves and provide a window into their work in our Share Segment; Patrick highlights recent news related to medical marijuana/cannabis use for pain management; and finally sportswriter and hemo dad Dan Levy - perhaps better known as the dad of #IronMax - shares his perspective on media, awareness, and more! Listen now on Episode 17 of The BloodStream Podcast.

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Like: Five things all new mothers need.

Share: “Factor Revolution” Producers Ryan Gielen and Seth Kirschner share their experience of building relationships with the bleeding disorders community.

Comment: Medical cannabis can help reduce our nation's pain epidemic || The Hill

Why (some of) the GOP is Pushing for Medical Marijuana Research || Rolling Stonen

Justice Department at Odds with DEA Over Marijuana Research. || Washington Post

Sen. Hatch Introduces Medical Marijuana Research Bill || Orrin Hatch Campaign Website

Dan Levy Interview

Marvel Honors Boy Fighting Hemophilia With Cameo in ‘Iron Man’ Comic | NBC Nightly News

Inspiring America: Checking In On Real Life Super Hero Kid ‘Iron Max’

Hearts 4 Hemophilia


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