Ep. 11: April 17, 2017 - World Hemophilia Day Special Episode

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In this episode, Patrick and Natalie celebrate World Hemophilia Day with two special segments: an interview recap with Patrick of Believe Limited's recent trip to Nepal for production on Bombardier Blood and a mashup of soundbites and interview clips from Believe's production on the World Federation of Hemophilia's Treatment for All web series. All that, plus a few special announcements and a brief recap of Hemophilia Federation of America's Annual Symposium on Episode 11 of The BloodStream Podcast!

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Learn more about World Hemophilia Day from the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH): Link To Article

Check out Stop The Bleeding!’s Season 7 launch w/ their a World Hemophilia Day special episode: Link To Article

Listen to BloodStream Media’s new Von Willebrand Disease podcast series from BloodLine: Link To Article

Check out Hemophilia Federation of America’s website for more on the 2017 and 2018 Symposiums: Link To Article

Special Segments

Learn more about Chris Bombardier’s historic climb of Mount Everest as well as Bombardier Blood, the documentary film being produced about it: Link To Article

Watch all 10 episodes of WFH’s Treatment for All web series and learn more about their Humanitarian Aid Program: Link To Article

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