Ep. 20: January 15, 2018 - w/ Susan Lynch

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This month on The BloodStream Podcast, Shire and Roche are locked up in a legal dispute related to Hemlibra, what does this mean and will it impact patients’ ability to receive Hemlibra? We discuss in today’s Comment Segment. A New York Times article examines why the United States spends so much more money on healthcare than any other country in a story presented by Natalie in our Like Segment, and entrepreneur and hemo dad Mark Kenny shares his compelling story and perspective during our Share Segment. Plus Natalie and I sit down with hemo mom (and Patrick’s mom!) Susan Lynch to get her perspective of being introduced to hemophilia in the mid-1980’s and how she navigated being a single parent of two kids with hemophilia during the advent of recombinant products and prophylaxis. All that and more on this Episode 20 of The BloodStream Podcast!

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Like Segment:  Why the US spends so much more money on other nation’s than Healthcare.

Share Segment: Mark Kenny: Entrepreneur and Hemo Dad

Comment Segment: Shire and Roche locked in legal dispute over Hemlibra.


From Biopharma Dive, “Shire looks to stall Hemlibra impact with court injunction”

From Reuters, “Roche, Shire court fight escalates over haemophilia drug”

From Shire, “Shire Files Preliminary Injunction Against Roche to Protect Its Intellectual Property”


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