Ep. 23: April 16, 2018 - w/ Bill Patsakos

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This month on The BloodStream Podcast, Dr. Steven Pipe joins us to discuss Hemlibra, the recently reported patient deaths, and what this means for our community. FDNY Lieutenant, CVS pharmacist, and FEMA volunteer Bill Patsakos joins us to discuss accounting for the bleeding disorders community during disaster relief, and advocate Maryann May shares her #ibleedtoo story. All that and more on Episode 23 of The BloodStream Podcast!

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Like Segment: What Is Floating?  Sensory Deprivation Benefits // Floatation Locations

Share Segment: Maryann May - #ibleedtoo

Comment Segment: National Hemophilia Foundation: Statement From Genentech Regarding Hemlibra

Interview Segment: Eyewitness To Destruction from LA Kelley Communications

Community News in 60 Seconds:

The Ambrosio family of the New York City Hemophilia Chapter celebrated their 10th annual benefit fundraiser

CSL Plasma Introduced Miguel Angel Jiminez to children with hemophilia during a PGA Champions Tour event

Scientists in Australia have identified a gene-control mechanism that enables some individuals to produce a fetal form of hemoglobin, offsetting the severity of certain blood diseases

Precision Develops Better Way of Detecting Levels of Clotting Factor Inhibitors

BioMarin Wins Award for Getting Gene Therapy Facility Operational Ahead of Time

Many Hemophilia B Patients Have Pain, Depression and Overall Poor Health, Study Finds

New Method May Improve Delivery of Targeted Gene Therapies   



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