Ep. 34: March 18, 2019 - w/ Robert C. Cooper

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This month on The BloodStream Podcast we discuss the questions to ask if you are considering participating in a clinical trial and how the US is struggling to think about gene therapy and rare disease drug pricing. Jonathan Hill shares his “A Long Road” story, Debbie de la Riva leads us through the first A Moment For Mental Health segment, and writer, producer, and “Unspeakable” creator Robert C. Cooper joins us for the interview.  All that and more on Episode 34 of The BloodStream Podcast.

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Like Segment: 6 Key Questions to Ask When Participating in a Clinical Trial from HemAware

A Moment For Mental Health Segment: http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/

Share Segment: Jonathan Hill’s “A Long Road”

Interview Segment: Robert C. Cooper

Official Website for “Unspeakable”

Official Trailer for “Unspeakable”

Comment Segment: Drugs that cost as much as a house are on the way to treat rare and devastating diseases. The US is scrambling to figure out how to pay for them

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